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Looks Like China Has Drunk the Financial Kool-Aid

Today Chinese currency joined the dollar and other currencies as a world

France 911 – The Electoral Connection

While this article does not draw out all the geopolitical implications

Middle Class Homelessness: Safe Parking Lots to Sleep In

Here is an imaginative intervention for sleeping arrangements for the homeless.

Institutional Racism in Mortgage Loans?

Here is a good example of institutionalized racism in banks’ lending

War on Terrorism as Propganda vs Geopolitical War Among Nations

As this article points out, the war against terrorism, i.e. ISIS,

Neoliberal Fundmentalist Wins Election in Argentina

Yesterday we posted an article about how market fundamentalist (the “Chicago” boys)

Capitalist Fundamentalist Missionaries Convert Chile

Usually when you think of an economist you may think of

Is Bernie Sanders a Socialist?

Read four interpretations, and here are some points to consider: 1)

Radical Labor Organizer Joe Hill: When Unions had vision

When I joined a union at the university where I was

East Coast Airport Workers’ Strike

Good news about more workers striking some east coast airports. This